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The Union is proud to partner with Mountain District Clubs to create a complete Player Development Model. It is important that as players progress in the game we continue to offer them competitive playing environments. It is also important that we work together to create local club environments that teach players the skills and principles that will allow them to be successful in the game. The Union is committed to providing our partner clubs with access to a comprehensive player development plan for U10 and U12 travel team coaches. 

  U10 Partner Club Curriculum 
MDU Technical Director has created a U10 - 7v7 Curriculum for clubs that are partners with MDU. Includes information on players characteristics, how to teach the principles of the game, basic formations and information on how to design and run an effective session. If you are a coach of a team that is a partner club of the Union and would like to request a copy of the curriculum please contact your club president or email us here. Please include your Name, Team you coach and club. 

  U12 Partner Club Curriculum 
MDU Technical Director is in the process of creating a U12 - 9v9 Curriculum for clubs that are partners with MDU. This will be emailed to club presidents before the fall season. 

It is the goal of the Union to create an Academy Program for players in MDU Partner clubs to participate in the year before we form teams in that age group. This program is meant to compliment the players community clubs program.

Formation: U13: 4-1-3-2
Focus: Learn to Train

  U14|15 PROGRAM: 
        Formation: U14: intro 4-3-3 
U15: master 4-3-3 
        Focus: Train to Train

  U16|17 PROGRAM: 

        Formation: U16: 4-3-3 & 4-5-1 
U17:   4-3-3 & 4-5-1 & 3-4-3 
        Focus: Train to Compete

  U18|19 PROGRAM: 
        Formation: Best formation for team success 
        Focus:  Train to Compete